Waitrose Harrogate Case Study

Why did Waitrose choose Elite Scaffolding?
Elite Scaffolding were recommended to Waitrose’s main contractor from a previous commercial customer.

What did the job entail?
Elite Scaffolding were appointed to provide scaffolding around the building so contractors could re-roof the supermarket.

How long did it take?
The scaffolding took 4 weeks to fully build and 2 weeks to be dismantled, all carried out by our experienced team in Harrogate.

How did Elite Scaffolding do the job?
Elite Scaffolding and our engineering partners designed the structure to meet all the technical challenges. The scaffold was both boarded and netted using a belt and braces approach to protect the public from any falling debris.

Were there any challenges during this project?
Yes, Elite Scaffolding were tasked to complete scaffolding when the supermarket was live and operated 24 hours a day, as well as having a 24 hours thoroughfare with associated traffic management issues.

Due to the nature of the car park layout, Elite Scaffolding had to produce a solution where the scaffold was suspended above main vehicular entrance. A truss out structure from high level was used to achieve this.

The supermarket car park is a railway bridge subject to a very low weight limit and railway regulations. The supermarket inside car park was not accessible with vehicles, therefore Elite Scaffolding were unable to get upstairs with stock and had to use a large volume of temporary contractors who were under direct supervision.

Due to noise and time restrictions imposed by Harrogate Borough Council, Elite Scaffolding had a very small window of time to work in these sensitive areas.

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